Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are so much fun!  Mine are made without detergents, phthalates or parbens. AND they are skin safe, won't color your skin OR your tub! They never leave an oil slick on the water either....don't you just hate that?? 

I use high quality ingredients when I make any of my products but especially bath bombs. Nobody wants a nasty yeast infection from something that's supposed to be fun! 

So feel confident that you and your children can use my bath bombs without concern. 

I've had issues with my bath bombs, my new mold which costs over a thousand dollars, (yes, it really did!) wasn't working so well and was more frustration than it was worth! I've finally sort of come to an understanding with it and can get most of the bath bombs to come out of it looking somewhat normal. 

And then...another soap maker suggested I try these other kinds of molds. The really cool shaped molds. The ones that look like flamingos and palm trees and baby chicks and donuts!! WOW!!! I LOVE them!  They are easy to use and look incredible! 

I hope to add more to my collection soon, so keep an eye out for some exciting new bath bomb shapes!

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