Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

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Christmas is coming! 

I know, I know, August is next week and I know that seems early to think about Christmas but not when you're a soap maker!

My Christmas making starts in August. And believe it or not people start shopping in September for Christmas. My soaps take 4 weeks to dry and if I don't start making them now I won't have nearly enough during the Christmas rush in November and December.

Actually I started making my Christmas soaps a month ago. Not Christmas scents really but making my back stock. I also have two fairly large shows to do before Christmas. So I'm going to need a lot more than I normally do.

That's okay though, it keeps me busy! And I love love love making soap. I will also start making sugar scrubs, lip balms, and lotions. Other things like shower steamers and bath bombs I will make as I go and not do back stock on those. Or I should say not a lot of backstock on those as I like them to be fresh and they don't have a cure time like soap does.

Speaking of cure time, my soaps take 4 weeks because I have a huge dehumidifier in my soap room which helps with drying time. But soaps really do need to sit and cure for minimum of 4 weeks which makes it more wonderful and a much better soap than something that is only cured for 2 weeks or less. As I tell people, the older the soap the better! I have dug out a broken soap from 2 years ago and decided to use it. IT IS THE BEST SOAP EVER!! While the fragrance may have faded, it's still smells pleasant, but the lather is incredible! The feel of it is incredible! Everything about it is incredible! So don't ever feel like your soap has 'expired' just because it's old. Handmade soap only gets better with time.

So as I continue my Christmas creating my posts may get fewer and fewer as I get busier and busier. 

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

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