Bird eggs in a nest.


Bird eggs in a nest
We have eggs! I have some hanging flower pots on my porch at my store. Before leaving for the weekend, I was going to place them on the ground so they would get some rain water since they are under the porch overhang and never get a drink on the days I'm not working. 
I found one of the pots had a nest with 2 finch eggs and a cowbird egg! When I got back on Monday, I checked the pot again and there were more eggs!! 
I kept wondering why the little finches were screaming at me every time I went out onto the porch. Now I know! I feel bad for them, every time someone comes into my store, they fly off to the trees by the porch and start yelling. But that's what happens when you put a nest in the flower pot!
I can't wait to see the little hatchlings. I feel like a surrogate grandma.
I'll keep you posted!
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