Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Have you heard? Elderberry syrup is all the rage!

I started making elderberry syrup back in 2020. I made it to boost my immune system and guess what? I never got sick. I had my store open, customers coming in and never got sick! So, does it work? I believe it does. 

I've been making it ever since and while I don't take as much as I did years ago, I still have some in my refrigerator and take it several times a week. I convinced my hubby to try it when he was coming down with a cold. He felt better just a few days later and now admits that it really did help! 

And why shouldn't it help? I mean, so many people question natural remedies. I believe it's because they take some time to work compared to taking a pill that may have more immediate results. 

There are so many articles out there about the benefits of elderberry. Here's some: The Pros and Cons of Elderberry (healthline.com)  Elderberry Syrup: Health Benefits, Safety Information, Dosage, and More (webmd.com)   Benefits of Elderberry Syrup | US News

Do a search, there are MANY articles about it. You can also find elderberry syrup in your local drug store. 

I prefer to make it myself, I know what goes in it and I can use LOCAL honey! 

You can purchase a kit on my website. Elderberry Syrup Kit – Forever Clean Soap Works    Everything is included except water and honey (please use local honey for the health benefits). The kit has enough for a large family, I split my ingredients in half and just make half at a time, so it doesn't sit around too long. I prefer mine without alcohol but I also refrigerate it to keep it fresh. 

Give it a try, a natural, herbal remedy that is tasty too!




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