Goodbye 2023-Hello 2024!

As the year winds down, I don't really want to review it as 2023 was not the best year for my family.

That means that I'm looking forward to 2024! Things will be better; I can just feel it. 

Personally, things will be looking up after finally selling our semi-truck! Yay! That was a big one and now that it's done, we can change a few things and MOVE ON. 

Professionally, sorry to say my store did not do as well as I had hoped in 2023. So what does that mean? In 2024 I will need to PIVOT! I have a few things in mind but will keep them to myself until I'm sure they will pan out. But I'm pretty excited about it! Stay tuned, I'll update when everything is in place. And fingers crossed that 2024 will bring bright blessings on all of us!

Be safe, be kind, be happy!

Forever Clean Soap Works sign on top of building.

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