Growing Herbs

Growing Herbs


fresh basil

Do you grow your own herbs? This year I decided to start some from seeds and see how they do. They're growing!!! I have some lovely basil that I've already picked and used and of course it tastes SOOOOO much better than store bought!

I'm also trying some cat mint (cat nip), lemon basil, sage, holy basil (tulsi) and lemon balm. And I'm realizing that I didn't plant enough for what I want to do with them! So I did go and sprinkle some more seeds all around where I transplanted the originals. Except my basil. I put that in a pot and it's growing like crazy! 

I was hoping to have enough to dry and make smudge sticks. I won't have enough, so this year I will be using my herbs in cooking and teas. I do a lot of research and discovered that Holy Basil (Tulsi) is good for high blood pressure and ARTHRITIS! I have been having horrible flare ups lately and I'll be drying and drinking the tea I make from this to see how it works. I did pick some tops a few days ago and today made a tea with the fresh leaves. It was tasty! 

And I have decided that I will continue to grow my herbs all winter long. I'll get my pots filled this fall and hopefully have a nice harvest all year. There truly is nothing like fresh herbs in cooking and teas. It's so easy too! I was so excited when those little seeds started to grow. Like any momma, I check on them every day. You can too if you stop by my store as they are out front in the flower patches. 

Grow your own, herbs, vegetables, flowers! No pesticides, all natural and wonderful. 

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