Christmas soapy cupcakes and candle

Is there a chill in the air?

Christmas Soapy Cupcake
Is there a chill in the air? Is Christmas coming? 
Some of these morning temperatures have made me think it really is coming up! But no, there will be 90 degree temperatures for the next few days. Gotta admit, I'm ready for 70 degree days and very cool nights. 
I sat outside last week with a big full moon and a fabulous fire. There was a chill in the air but sitting in front of that fire was all I needed...along with a nice hot cup of tea. No bugs, no mosquitoes, just me, the fire, the tea and the gorgeous moon. 
But when you're in retail, you start thinking of Christmas long before the weather changes! I'm getting ready. I've decided to close an extra day during the week just to be able to have uninterrupted product making time. I won't have help this year and I really do need a ton of back stock for both my store and my online site. On top of making for all that, I'm doing a few markets too. One of them is very large, a 2 day event and I want to be ready! Whatever I don't sell will go into my store and on my website of course, so I'm not worried about making too much. 
Let me tell you, my customers have never failed to shop with me at Christmas and for that I'm grateful! 
One such customer told me the problem with my stuff lasts too long!!  I mean it is a consumable product but it does last a good long time. Should I make my soap bars smaller? My lotion bottles, my sugar scrub, all smaller so customers have to shop more?  Sorry...I just can't do it!  I make my products in a way that I would want them, long lasting, smelling good and great for your skin. There's just no other way! 
I know it's only September, but Christmas here I come!! 
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