STOP using Antibacterial Soap!!!

STOP using Antibacterial Soap!!!

I know you've heard that antibacterial soaps are not good for you but do you know why? Back in 2015 the Smithsonian magazine posted an article about why you should stop using it. 

As a soap maker, I am so glad it's still something we should be aware of and I encourage you to use handmade soap instead! Not only is it better for you and the environment, but your skin will become much softer, less irritated and happier! 

I've been on this journey for better skincare since my children were small (they're now 39 and 29!). Trust me when I say it matters. Sure, you could go to the big commercial store and buy 10 bars for $5 or whatever it's selling for now. But when you need to slather on the moisturizer and then call the dermatologist for that mystery rash you have, is it really worth paying less? 

So many customers have told me their skin has changed...for the better! The only issue they have with my soap is that it lasts too long. They want to try a different fragrance but their soap is still there, hanging out for way too long!  HA!! So not only is it better for your skin, the environment, it's economical too. 

And there you have it. 

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Read about it here: Five Reasons Why You Should Probably Stop Using Antibacterial Soap | Science| Smithsonian Magazine

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