It’s Just a Weed!

weed plantain

This weed, this little weed can be annoying as it spreads like wild fire in your yard. It’s everywhere! You’ll find it on the edge of your driveway, in cracks, around the mailbox or smack dab in the middle of the yard. Wherever you see it, love it. Embrace it! It’s the BEST weed to have!

Plantain is so very helpful in healing. Got a bee sting while out in the yard? Grab a leaf, crush it and apply to the bee sting. I put some tape or a band aid to hold in place. Usually the pain and itch from the bee sting is gone in minutes. I’m not kidding!!

Bug bites? Plantain! Mystery rash? Plantain! But what if you really don’t have any in your yard? When I bought the house I live in now, I didn’t have even 1 Plantain in my yard. NOT ONE! So I found one somewhere else and grabbed a handful of seeds. They’re easy to see as they are on a tall stalk right in the middle of the plant. I sprinkled them everywhere in my yard! And now I have so many, this is where I harvest my Plantain for my Calendula Paste.

plantain weeds

I will have a new batch of Calendula Paste soon, all the botanicals are infusing in oil right now. But I still have some on the shelf, it is my go to for all sorts of skin issues. Too much sun? Calendula Paste! Bug bites? Calendula Paste! Mystery itch/rash? Calendula Paste! Dry, cracked skin? Calendula Paste!! So gentle you can even use it on baby’s butt.