Keeping you Safe

mint rosemary soap

It’s been a crazy year so far, hasn’t it??

If you’re like me you’re probably unsure where you can go or what you can do safely. I know I try to do my best to keep safe, hand washing, sanitizer, mask wearing. And I hope what I’m doing is enough.

Rest assured that when I make my products I make them with clean equipment, clean hands, sanitizing what needs to be sanitized. And the thing is, I’ve always done that. It’s a standard in the body product making scene! My equipment is rinsed in a bleach solution and air dried. Everything is also wiped down with alcohol before use. (I use a lot of alcohol when I’m making product!)

I want to be safe and I want to keep you safe too. So wash your hands! Use lots of good soap, the kind I make that doesn’t dry out your skin. And do what you need to, to keep you and your family safe and healthy. I’ve got you covered on this end!