Making Liquid Soap

making liquid soap

I’m so excited! I know, you’ve heard all this before. Here’s the deal, I have ATTEMPTED to make liquid soap with very little success. VERY LITTLE SUCCESS.

Truth is, MY LIQUID SOAP SUCKED. It did!! No doubt about it. I could only use like maybe 2 fragrances. And that was ify. They would act weird, SMELL weird and get lumpy or thin or just be WEIRD.

I gave up on it more times than I can remember. I HATED MAKING LIQUID SOAP! And to everyone who ever purchased it from me…I’M SORRY!! I am sooo sooo sorry!! I sincerely apologize. What a bunch of crap I made!

So here’s the exiting part. While I’m really good at making my own recipes for everything in my store, I sucked at liquid soap. Until now. No, really! here’s what happened. One day while in one of my soap groups on FB I saw people RAVING about a liquid soap recipe. I mean everyone had fantastic things to say about it. So I started asking those people why they loved it. And then I asked the woman who made the recipe a gabillion questions about it! And I jumped in and decided to make it.

Well wouldn’t you know I screwed up right off the bat…LOL But I contacted the soap maker and asked a gabillion questions again and got back on track. And guess what? I MADE A FABULOUS LIQUID SOAP!


It came out PERFECTLY. It came out BEAUTIFUL. It came out FANTASTIC!!! I know…you’ve heard this before and are probably skeptical. And I know the only way to prove it is to show you.

This incredible liquid soap can now be fragranced with ANY FRAGRANCE. Again…I’M NOT KIDDING!! I’ve been testing it with several different fragrances and it’s PERFECT. I have used it on my hands, in the shower as shower gel and……..I WASHED MY HAIR WITH IT!! I know, I’m crazy like that but I wanted to see how it would do and I loved it! (but just so you know, I use my bar soap on my hair so it’s already adjusted to that)

So…I’m in the process of sourcing bottles and pumps right now. They are scarce and nearly impossible to find. I still have some bottles in my inventory and will use those until I can get the ones I really want.

Let”s get this show on the road! I’ve already made 22 lbs of soap and there’s more to come. I will match fragrances with lotion and sugar scrubs. And if you have a special request, give it to me and let’s see what we can do. I’m bottling now, it’s not all on the shelves yet but it will be soon. VERY soon!

HALLELUJAH!! Finally a liquid soap we can all love!!