What’s up with Patchouli Oil?

neon colored soap

Are you a fan?

neon colored soap

If you’re as old as me, Patchouli Oil was a scent most remember from the 60’s and 70’s. Some call it ‘earthy’. Some call it ‘pungent’. And some call is incredibly beautiful!

Patchouli is certainly not MY favorite but I’ve come to realize it is a favorite of MANY. When I think of Patchouli Oil I think of bright and vibrant colors, swirled and bold. Just like the picture of my Patchouli Peace Soap. I’ve also discovered that you either love it or hate it!

If you are not a fan consider this, Patchouli is a base oil and used in many, many scent formulations. Perhaps it’s even in a fragrance you simply love! I also make Patchouli Orange soap, which is absolutely delightful. I have converted many non fans to big fans when I mix it with another fragrance. It totally changes the way it smells, it grounds it, gives it a beautiful new scent which barely registers as Patchouli.

So let’s not write off Patchouli Oil just yet. Let’s mix it up and see what delightful scents we can discover with this wonderful base fragrance.

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