Who has allergies?

soap with lavender

Do you have allergies? Skin or food or airborne?

So many people have issues with allergies of some sort. I NEVER had allergies growing up and for most of my adult life. But now I do! One that is particularly annoying is the Coconut allergy. I love everything coconut! Or at least I did.

Now I cannot eat anything with coconut or coconut oil in it. I can’t eat it if it’s cooked with coconut oil or made with coconut oil. That includes my very own Slippery Lips Lip Balm! I even have to bring in a helper to make it because each batch is tested for flavor and sweetness. I could do it but then I’d look like I had major plumping of my lips….LOL

Because I make all my own products from all my own recipes, I can custom create products for those with allergies. You certainly couldn’t walk into a big commercial store and request that! But I’m happy to help those who suffer from allergies like I do.

One thing to note….not every skin issue is due to an allergy. Sometimes that rough, dry, itchy skin is due to the harsh chemicals used in the products. Remember, unless it says SOAP on the label, you’re using detergent on your skin! That’s pretty harsh.

Drop me an email if you have questions about the products you’re using and what you can do to help make your skin (and lips) happy and healthy!