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Calendula Paste

Calendula Paste

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Calendula Paste.

Oil infused with Calendula flowers, Chickweed, Plantain, St. John's Wort and myrrh gum powder is added to unrefined Shea Butter. A bit of Zinc Powder is added and then whipped until light and fluffy. 

No color or fragrance is added to this all natural, herbal remedy. 

**NOTE** SHIPPING TO WARMER CLIMATES ABOVE 75 DEGREES MAY RESULT IN THIS PRODUCT MELTING. We will not be responsible for melted Calendula Paste during summer or warm/hot months.

2 oz

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Michele Coy
Definitely Helps With Dry Itchy Skin

I purchased this for my husband for his dry cracked hands from working with electricity all day. He has been using it and his skin has improved and he likes that it soaks right into the skin.

I had a reaction to some jewelry which resulted in a dry, itchy skin. I used this and it has helped with the itch and has taken away the rash.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has dry skin. It leaves the skin so soft and you don't feel like you have the heavy lotions residue on your skin.

I'm so happy it has worked well for both of you! Thank you for your kind words.

Jackie Wagner
Allergy Free!!

I have a son with allergies to dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, all tree nuts, peanut and coconut. There are over 50 derivatives of coconut and 99% of it is in products you find at the store. This paste is amazing and has helped my son’s eczema tremendously!!

I'm so happy the Calendula Paste has helped your son!!

The calendula paste is superb!

This paste is amazing for so many different things. I always use it to help scratches and burns heal, and it's great for tricky dry patches of skin that refuse to hydrate/heal.

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